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com::artofsolving::jodconverter::cli::ConvertDocument Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Command line tool to convert a document into a different format.

Usage: can convert a single file

 ConvertDocument test.odt test.pdf

or multiple files at once by specifying the output format

 ConvertDocument -f pdf test1.odt test2.odt
 ConvertDocument -f pdf *.odt

Definition at line 54 of file ConvertDocument.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] arguments) throws Exception

Static Private Member Functions

static void convertOne (DocumentConverter converter, File inputFile, File outputFile, boolean verbose)
static Options initOptions ()

Static Private Attributes

static final int EXIT_CODE_CONNECTION_FAILED = 1
static final int EXIT_CODE_TOO_FEW_ARGS = 255
static final int EXIT_CODE_XML_REGISTRY_NOT_FOUND = 254
static final Option OPTION_OUTPUT_FORMAT = new Option("f", "output-format", true, "output format (e.g. pdf)")
static final Option OPTION_PORT = new Option("p", "port", true, "OpenOffice.org port")
static final Option OPTION_VERBOSE = new Option("v", "verbose", false, "verbose")
static final Option OPTION_XML_REGISTRY = new Option("x", "xml-registry", true, "XML document format registry")
static final Options OPTIONS = initOptions()

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